Priorat Natur produce this unfiltered Catalan olive oil in small amounts, it is a limited production. It’s made of 100% green Arbequina olives.

The extra virgin oil is pressed very early from unripe green arbequina olives and the result now used in many famous kitchens. The oil remains unleaved, but impurities remain outside the oil by decanting. The acidity of 0.1 percent is very low.

The green Arbequina olive

Arbequina is a cultivar of olives. The fruit is highly aromatic, small, symmetrical and dark brown, with a rounded apex and a broad peduncular cavity. In Europe, it is mostly grown in Catalonia, Spain, but it is also grown in Aragon and Andalusia, as well as California, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. It has recently become one of the dominant olive cultivars in the world, largely under highly intensive, “super high-density” plantation.