Culinary Water

Less salt more flavor!

You chefs are facing a big challenge: reducing the amount of salt without negatively affecting the taste experience! We are offering a solution for this dilemma. The more than 80 types of minerals and trace elements provide the unique salty taste and make salt reduction possible. When boiling with culinary water instead of normal salt, the salinity caxn be reduced up to 50%. You will not achieve this with any other ingredient.


The Source

The region known as “Zeeland” in the southwest corner of The Netherlands holds one of Europe’s largest natural water reserves “Park Oosterschelde”. “Zeeland” is a pristine environment with a complex range of ecosystems. Closely monitored and regulated sustainable fisheries are supplying some of the finest seafood delicacies on the continent. The unique biodiversity in this sheltered sea arm, is due to its highly nutritious and clean seawater. There is no heavy industry or sewage in this vast 370 km2 national park, 70% of this large tidal area ‘falls dry” with each tide–atruly unique ecosystem in Europe. The constant ebb and flow of the brisk tides creates a marine environment that is continually being refreshed and renewed with ocean nutrients. The surrounding mudflats are thick with sea grass and seaweed, perfect conditions for shellfish and crustaceans. It is the right combination of ingredients, all in the right balance which create a synergy of flavor; the nurturing “soup of life”. The Oosterschelde holds more than 80 different minerals and trace elements!

How you could use this product

  • Use it for cooking and enriching all your seafood dishes. Live clams and mussels can be submerged in the water for several minutes to revive themselves and regain their original juice and flavor.
  • Use culinary water instead of regular salt for a variety of meat and fish Put your cleaned / gutted fish in the water for 15 to 20 minutes to bring out the ‘fresh from the sea’ flavor.
  • Use it as boiling water for pasta, paella, risotto, curry and give the unique flavor to all types of classic and modern dishes.
  • Of course, all the beautiful varieties of seafood –whether live, fresh or frozen – lobster, prawn, oysters, crab, langoustine, whelks, venus clams, abalone, vongole, razor clams, scallops. Enrich your favorite one…..
  • Add culinary water to your boiling water for hard vegetables. Remarkably, when adding it to your dishes as a natural flavor booster, only a quarter to one third will be enough to ensure the same salinity level.
  • We suggest using the culinary water moderately and fine-tuning your recipes as you go along. You’ll be amazed at how versatile it can be.

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