The Five Seasons

At We Supply Yachts we like to be inspired by people who are the best in their business. One of those is our fruit and veg partner. They inspired us with the five seasons instead of four.

Everybody who stands close to nature and believes in the power of every season, can´t avoid it; there are five unique seasons, with fruits, vegetables and herbs which are authentic for that time of year.

We Supply Yachts has 5 seasons with potatoes, fruits and vegetables: winter, spring, early summer, summer and autumn. Fruits and vegetables, harvested in their own season, are tastier, cheaper and ‘greener’. If it also comes from the area where they originally came from, where their roots are, the taste is optimal. Sounds easy, and actually it is.



A new spring… new flavors. Celebrate spring with creamy white asparagus, flowers on the plate and lettuce with the dew still on it.

Dutch Asparagus

Asparagus has rightfully earned itself nicknames like ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’. It is indeed a very flavourful vegetable, which is traditionally harvested and enjoyed from the second Thursday in April.


Early Summer

It’s time for flowers. In fact, they are allowed on the plate. Along with all those wonderful fresh lettuces the early summer brings you.

Sea Aster

The sea aster grows on high-lying salt marshes in Zeeland (NL). Because the plant actively absorbs salt, it has a very salty taste. It is also packed with vitamins that it absorbs from the sea water.






The summer with its abundance: plenty of choice, plenty of flavors and most of all, plenty of color. Juicy ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers and delicious soft eggplants.

The Cerisa cherry

The Cerisa cherries are one of the products that the Netherlands can be proud of. This seasonal product has the ultimate ripeness by picking them late, no one should miss this season. Cerisa cherries have a green stem and “cork”, what makes them very juicy!



Less color, but definitely no less flavor. The roots are big and thanks to the lower temperature, pleasantly sweet.

Red meat radish

The red meat radish may look a lot like a turnip from the outside, but as soon as it is cut, the name becomes clear. A beautiful pink-red colour is visible. The red meat radish has a firm structure and a spicy taste.



Beets, cabbage, sprouts; don’t say the winter is a less wealthy season. And what about all the citrus, which is now at its best.


Creamy flesh with a wonderfully sweet taste, perfectly ripe. Delicious to eat separately, but also very tastefully as ice cream.