Jing Tea

At We Supply Yachts we’re always looking for beautiful products. In the latest We Supply Yachts TV episode we’ve visited Giraffe Coffee who showed us this beautiful tea. In this blog we like to dive deeper into this product.

About Jing Tea

JING was created in 2004 by Edward Eisler. He devoted many years to finding the rarest and most exceptional teas travelling the tea-world extensively. He realised that just sourcing the world’s best teas was not enough – to help people really get the best out of their tea, he had to share his passion for tea and his expertise in tea making.

They work directly with producers and regularly stock teas never before made available outside of their domestic market. They have a close relationship with skilled producers, working together to drive greaterdemand for high quality tea.

The process is highly selective. JING’s taste thousands of samples each year and select only the very best of each harvest. The teas are then packed at source to seal in the all- important freshness.

All tea is produced from the same species of plant, Camellia Sinensis. The method of production for each tea determines which of the types below it becomes. Certain types of the tea plant are best suited to producing different types of tea. With a good climate, rich soil, and good weather conditions, a tea master can coax an amazing array of flavours from the tea leaves with skilful production. Herbal infusions, often known as herbal teas are produced using flowers and fruits rather than tea leaves.


They bring teas with character, with true flavour, made by masters to reflect the taste of their origin. They prioritise freshness, so that our teas arrive with you as they left the garden – bursting with flavour.

Loose Leaf Tea

The JING loose tea range includes authentic examples of Asia’s finest teas. They travel thousands of miles each year to find and select the very best teas, and invest in storage and packaging to ensure they arrive with you as they left the garden – vibrant, full flavoured and bursting with freshness.

  • White Tea – Silver Needle / White Peony
  • Green Tea – Jade Sword / Dragon Well / Japanese Sencha
  • Oolong Tea – Iron Buddha / Oriental Beauty / Wuyi Oolong
  • Black Tea – / Darjeeling 2nd Flush / Assam Breakfast / Earl Grey

Whole Leaf Tea Bags

JING Whole Leaf tea bags contain the same exceptional teas and herbal infusions as our loose tea range. Enjoy the delicious flavours and textures of some of the world’s finest teas with the convenience of a tea bag. JING Whole Leaf tea bags are biodegradeable and give the tea ample room to infuse for the best flavour.

  • White: Jasmine Silver Needle
  • Green: Jade Sword
  • Black: Earl Grey / Darjeeling 2nd Flush / Assam Breakfast

Herbal Tea

JING’s new collection of Herbal Tea is composed of only natural pieces of real fruit, whole flowers, and nothing else. The highest quality ingredients are expertly-dried with a revolutionary and low-impact process that retains the essential oils, aroma, flavour – and integrity – of each element. This new technology uses low temperatures within a vacuum to quickly dehydrate the ingredients, retaining supreme clarity of flavour. JING’s Head of Tea and expert, Tom Price, spent almost two years sourcing for, and selecting, the final ingredients. To truly define the range – inspired by our years of work with Michelin-starred chefs around the globe – he created unique pairings, marrying pure fruit and flowers in intriguingly delicious combinations. These complementary blends have been structured for texture, balance and ultimate taste, rendering infusions that are bright and lively on the palate, and deliver lasting and superior natural flavour.

  • Chamomile Flowers
  • Peppermint Leaves
  • Lemongrass & Ginger
  • Blackcurrant and Hibiscus


JING organic Matcha Green Tea is the highest Quality ceremonial grade from Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan, expressing the characterful taste of a single cultivar ‘Okumidori’. 30g tin.


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