Alba Truffle

Recently we received the first badge of white Alba Truffles at We Supply Yachts.

Every fall, Alba is enveloped in white truffles as citizens — along with the rest of the culinary world — eagerly await the daily arrivals. But before reaching the table, the white truffle undergoes on a unique journey.

White truffle season is from September to December when they grow wild in the forests around Alba, a small Piemontese township. In particular, they grow deep in the forests of Langhe, a fertile area in Piemonte perfectly situated between the Tanaro and Po Rivers and the Alps and Apennine mountain ranges. Le Langhe comprises rolling hills filled with vineyards and hilltop towns known for producing great wines, cheeses, and — of course — truffles. The soil is primarily clay and marl, allowing the truffle to grow larger around the roots of oak, poplar, and linden trees.

Each is individually sniffed out by a dog, which a professional truffle hunter has trained since puppyhood to detect the unique scent. (Truffles were once hunted by pigs, until we realized that pigs loved them as much as we do!) Once the dog reveals the location, the hunter digs out the truffle, gently cleans it, and finally shares it with the lucky recipient.


Alba White Truffle: characteristics

The characteristic Alba Truffle, generally spherical and irregular, presents an external crust called “peridio”, clear, of a light yellow tending towards ochre. The internal pulp, called “gleba”, is solid with a milky colour or tending towards pink and brownish, covered by white veining, branched and thick.

The size varies from 2 to 9 cm, depending on the period when the truffles are collected and based on the maturation status.


How to keep and use the Alba White Truffle

The Alba Truffle is a real jewel to keep carefully to not altering its organoleptic properties. Truffles have to be kept rolled in paper towels and placed in glass containers closed inside the fridge (between 2-4°C).

Before eating, brush it with a soft brush, under cold water to remove the soil remained. This operation is best carried out a few hours before eating. The truffles should then be kept in the container and stored at room temperature to regain its original aroma.

As white truffles are a fresh, perishable product, they should be eaten within a few days in order to appreciate their aroma and flavour at their very best.


Serving Suggestions

Classically enjoyed, simply shave your Fresh White Alba Truffle over pasta or risotto with good extra virgin olive oil and parmesan. Equally majestic with seafood and vegetables and increasingly appearing on sushi menus all over the world.


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