Japanese Lisa Ketchup

In our latest We Supply Yachts  TV video we’e showed you the amazing Lisa Tomato products all the way from Japan. This time we dive deeper into the fabulous ketchup/pasta sauce they produce.


Lisa Tomato

First things first, the products are made of the Lisa Tomato. The Lisa Tomato is not just sweet, it is a gem with a good balance of sweetness and sourness that makes the original sourness of tomatoes. The secret of its taste is to grow it carefully without any hassle. The farmers grow the tomatoes by the 100-day methode to grow the perfect tomato.

By growing the tomato trees as slowly and healthy as possible so that the tomato trees are not overloaded. That gives the tomatoes the unique balance of sourness and sweetness. The farmers grow the tomatoes from early December till the end of February. In this time of the year it’s a good temperature to grow the tomatoes and that will give them a high sugar level.


100-day methode

A cultivation method in which the tomatoes are grown gently and slowly at low temperatures, and the sweetness and sourness are firmly added.



Lisa Ketchup – RED

This is a fresh ketchup based on red tomatoes with a high sugar content. It has a rich sweet taste and you can combine it perfectly with raw vegetables. You can also use it for pizza and pasta.

Ingredients: Lisa tomato, sugar, rice vinegar, onion, salt, garlic, spices


Lisa Ketchup – BLACK

This ketchup is the spicy version. This flavourful spicy ketchup is based on ripe black tomatoes with strong individuality. The rich spicy taste adds a new level in your dish. It is a spicy one, so do not use to much of it in once.

Ingredients: Lisa tomato, sugar, rice vinegar, onion, salt, garlic, spices


Lussuoso Napoletano

The last version is a luxurious pasta sauce. This sauce is also made of the Lisa tomatoes from Okazaki Farm.

Ingredients: Lisa Tomato, sugar, rice vinegar, onion, salt, garlic, spices

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