Rosso di Mazara – Gambero Rosso

The most precious red shrimp in the world, the ‘Gambero Rosso‘. The Italian company Rosso di Mazara fishes these Mediterranean jewels, that’s where they fish them. The freshly caught red shrimp undergoes a thermal shock at a temperature of -50 ° C inside the freezing tunnels while maintaining the nutritional properties, consistency and taste unaltered. Storing the rest in the freezer at a temperature of – 18 ° C will guarantee the genuineness of the red shrimp. The company have made different outstanding products of the Gambero Rosso.


Gambero Rosso 

It lives at a depth of about 700 meters where it lets itself be caressed by the strong sea currents that make it pure. The high evaporation of the Mediterranean sea enriches it with mineral salts giving it that unmistakable and unique flavor in the world.



The freshest specimens are chosen with skill and rigor, shelled and devened (without the intestine) by hand and delicately beaten in order to obtain a perfect disc. It represents the contemporary interpretation of carpaccio. The perfect fusion of red shrimp with a strong and pronounced taste embellished by the well-known sweet of the gobetto di nassa.


Grains de Gambero Rosso

It is the result of the incessive research of the links between the marinarian tradition and that of sustainable innovation. It is born from the propension to experiment and explore the new frontiers of food that is not only a source of support but also pleasure for the palate and the spirit. Sublime is an extremely rened and contemporary product with a rich and strong taste made harmonious to read notes of mint, thyme and lemon. The red shrimp just shed is subjected to a sophisticated lyophilization process that allows to preserve its naturality and nutritional values.

Extremely versatile 100% natural food. perfect for any type of culinary preparation, from appetizers to pastries.


Message in a Bottle

A bottled message that comes directly from the sea to tell you the story of revolutionary shermen and the secrets of their elixir. Rosso di mazara keeping the original recipe, the private collection opens in a limited edition oering it in all its purity to thrill your palate. Today, with new technologies, the heads of the red shrimp just shed, we freeze them at a temperature of -50 ° ce, then, thanks to a sophisticated process of transformation, we extract a 100% pure product.

Extremely versatile 100% natural food. Perfect for any type of culinary preparation. ideal for pasta, risotto, gourmet pizza, appetizers.

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