Luma Dry Aged Beef

Luma beef

Luma D.A.C. is a Swiss company who are ageing fresh meat using a special mould culture to create products of the very highest quality. The mould culture makes beef, veal and pork incredibly tender and flavourful and gives the meat the nutty aroma that only Luma products have.

The company combines traditional methods with the latest biotechnology. For example, Oechslin and Tessaro insist on the time-honoured method of dry hanging meat on the bone. The special mould culture the company has developed then grows while the meat ages.

Luma gets its meat from selected slaughterhouses. They choose the cuts of meat on-site, based on breed, age, type of feed and how the animals are raised, as well as on conformation and marbling of the meat. Just three percent of the animals meet Luma’s high standards. The cuts of meat they select are transported on the bone to their production facility, where they cut them to size and spread the mould culture that they have cultivated across the surface of the meat.

Luma found the mould culture in nature, but in order to use it in the food industry it has to be inspected and grown under extremely strict conditions to guarantee that it remains in its purest form.



Once they are unpacked, they place the cuts of meat – still on the bone – in the cooler, where the perfect temperature and humidity play a key role in the success of the maturation process. In the cooler, the mould culture grows evenly throughout the meat.

The cuts of meat are kept in the cooler between four and eight weeks, depending on their size and consistency. During this time, the mould culture forms a white coating – the fruiting body – on the surface of the meat.

The enzyme of the mould culture changes the taste of the meat and reduces mortis and collagen, which make the meat tough. The mould culture also acts as a sort of regulator in the meat, preventing the spread of undesirable microorganisms.

After it’s aged, the bone-in meat then lands on the butcher’s table. The butcher cuts the meat from the bone and removes the visible white fruiting mould culture bodies. The pieces now look like conventional cuts of meat. These pieces are then cut into the desired sizes and vacuum packed and are then made available for purchase.


One way to prepare Luma meat

  • Remove Luma beef/pork/veal from the vacuum bag
  • Blot with paper towels and let rest for 30 minutes at room temperature
  • Heat two tablespoons clarified butter or oil in a pan until very hot
  • Sear the meat in the butter or oil for one minute on each side
  • Reduce heat, continue cooking the meat for 2 minutes on each side
  • Remove the meat from the pan
  • Let rest for 2-3 minutes
  • Season lightly with coarse salt
  • Cut against the grain and serve


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