Dutch Vanilla

Dutch Vanilla

At the beginning of this year, one of our suppliers is launching an exclusive range of Dutch premium quality Planifolia vanilla; an orchid species that only produces pods after three years. It gives a taste that combines well with many other ingredients. The new range of Planifolia Green, Black and Red opens up countless new possibilities.



Vanilla (Tlilxochitl) is originally from Mexico. In ancient Mexico, the Totonaks, now known in the region as Veracruz, were considered producers of the finest vanilla. The Maya and Aztecs had developed a divine drink of chocolate and vanilla. The Spaniards were so mad about this that Hernán Cortés (conquistadors) took the vanilla and chocolate back to Spain and introduced it to Europe. With its introduction to Europe, the Dutch planted vanilla in their colonies in Java, the French on La Réunion, which was then called Île Bourbon and gave its name to Bourbon vanilla. They discovered how the flowers could be pollinated artificially, by hand, and thus also be harvested outside of Mexico.



Planifolia Red and Planifolia Black Vanilla are harvested once a year and are available all year round due to the storage period. Planifolia Green Vanilla is a seasonal product and will be available for 3 to 4 months (first quarter of each year) per year and will remain green for a limited time (+/- 7 days). Store at room temperature in a dark place.

Planifolia Green

green vanilla pods; fresh off the plant. Professionals can experiment with ‘curing’ (drying and treating) themselves to add aromas as desired. A unique opportunity to get started with fresh green pods, to give the vanilla a taste twist with our own fermentation. This leads to unprecedented opportunities. Think of combinations with rose petals, pistachio shells, rice, smoke or a very hot sauce.


Planifolia Black

The recognizable dark brown, almost black, pods are picked by hand and cured under optimal conditions. A full, intense and enchanting romance between flowers and spices with specific notes of leather, nuts, earth and wood. Can be used immediately.


Planifolia Red

Dutch ‘Vine riped’ vanilla (ripening on the plant); as nature intended. Because the pod is connected to the plant for longer, it acquires an even better flavor profile, which offers countless new possibilities from a culinary point of view.


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source: koppertcress.nl


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