Dutch Saffron

At We Supply Yachts, we have an unwavering passion for exquisite flavors that are locally sourced. We are always on the lookout for dedicated growers who bring international tastes to the Netherlands. From Dutch sweet potatoes and wasabi to now Dutch saffron – our latest discovery will surely captivate your culinary senses.


The Jewel of Dutch Agriculture

Cultivating and producing saffron is an incredibly intensive endeavor, often referred to as the world’s most expensive spice. It involves a remarkable amount of manual labor. Approximately 150 flowers of the Crocus sativus are required to produce just one gram of saffron threads. The Crocus sativus, a fall-blooming bulbous plant, produces three stigma threads within its flowers, which eventually become saffron. This spice has been used in various cuisines for over 4,000 years, primarily as a flavor enhancer and a colorant.


The flavor profile of saffron is delicately sweet with earthy undertones. Due to its unique ability to impart both flavor and a vibrant yellow hue to dishes, saffron remains a staple ingredient in classics like paella and risotto. In the Arab world, saffron is also used to add depth to teas and coffees.


Now from Dutch Soil

Saffron crocus bulbs primarily thrive in warm regions, such as those surrounding the Mediterranean. Globally, saffron is produced in countries like Morocco, India, and Iran, with Iran accounting for approximately 90% of the world’s total saffron production. Despite saffron typically hailing from drier and warmer climates, the Terhoeve family has achieved the remarkable feat of growing saffron crocus bulbs right here in the Netherlands, in Oude-Tonge.

The journey began in 2015 when the first trials were conducted with a handful of saffron bulbs. Currently, these bulbs grow outdoors in the open ground. However, the ultimate goal is to transition them indoors and cultivate them under specialized lighting. The crocus flowers bloom in the fall and are carefully hand-picked. Afterward, they undergo a meticulous drying and packaging process.


A Taste of Dutch Saffron on Your Superyacht

We Supply Yachts is excited to introduce Dutch saffron to the world of superyacht provisioning. Our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients extends to the most exclusive spice in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned superyacht chef or a culinary enthusiast, adding Dutch saffron to your repertoire can elevate your dishes to new heights of flavor and aesthetics.


Experience the light sweetness and earthy richness of Dutch saffron as it enhances your culinary creations. Impress your guests with the distinctive golden hue that saffron imparts to your dishes, making them truly unforgettable.


By choosing Dutch saffron from We Supply Yachts, you’re not only indulging in luxury but also supporting local innovation and sustainable agriculture. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of the Terhoeve family and savor the essence of Holland in every saffron-infused bite.


Elevate your culinary journey with Dutch saffron, available exclusively through We Supply Yachts. Contact us today to inquire about adding this exquisite spice to your provisioning list and delight in the taste of luxury on your superyacht.

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