At We Supply Yachts we’re always looking for special products. This time we’ve found the oil ‘Hazas Del Rey’.


Hazas Del Rey premium extra virgin oil is the result of a long family tradition in the fields and olive groves. Back in 1850 the oil began to be made in the wineries of the farmhouse in the old way. It was grinding stone. Today they’re making the best oil as in the past, wanting to respect the most natural tradition by obtaining the juice of the olive. It is therefore a natural oil, fresh and intense, which carries excellence and exclusivity as its flag.


The olive has a sweeter flavor than other varieties, it also has bitter touches and hints of almond, which is why the best single-varietal extra virgin olive oils in the world are extracted from it. The hojiblanca, also known as goat breed or Lucentino, owes its name to the fact that it has small white pigments that will keep until it changes to its final violet color in the month of November, when it is ripe. This olive is also difficult to harvest, as it is very difficult to remove the fruit from the branches. To achieve this requires muscle and will.


The La Esperanza farmhouse where the Hazas Del Rey oil comes from is located in the northern mountains of Malaga. This is a privileged environment for its climate and forest land that gives the olive an extraordinary quality known worldwide. The farmhouse, built in 1947, from the originals dating from 1850, has an extensive property of ancient olive trees with trees up to 500 years old.


This is one of the many oils we have available at We Supply Yachts. If you like to know more about this beautiful product or any other product feel free to send an email to sales@wesupplyyachts or give us a call.