No matter where you are, we can deliver. Since January 2018 we provide yachts worldwide with galley, interior and technical products. With headquarters in Vierpolders (the Netherlands) and serving clients throughout the world, we understand the unique requirements involved in meeting your provisioning needs. We Supply Yachts is founded by brothers, Joost and Maarten van Gorsel. We have years of experience in the yacht supply market and know how quickly things can change, and how crucial it is to be flexible in meeting new requests – however extravagant. With a Dutch no-nonsense, can do attitude, we have the solutions to the common problems that yachts owners face when it comes to getting fresh food provisions.


Of course every country has their limitations in getting fresh products. But, each country has the benefit having products which are specialities and some owners do like to try local delicacies rather than stick to their favourites. Even so, we always strive to deliver the full order even if we have some seasonal products not available, we will always inform the crew upfront so they can make an alternative plan, or fly the products in from different continents.


Every yacht has their own system of getting provisions onboard, but one thing you all have in common is that it is a process which involves the whole crew and some manual labour. To make this process as efficient as possible, we use a crate exchange method. Instead of unpacking fresh goods on the dock in 30-degree heat and transferring the provisions into their own crates, we take the empty crates and deliver our crates directly to your fridges and freezers.

Depending on the set-up and destination, we may deliver plastic crates or styrofoam boxes to keep your products as fresh and untampered as possible.


Every supplier has their own methods to keep products fresh. We do not have anything in stock. Instead, we buy directly from the source one day before you receive your fresh products. Our meat is butchered a few days before you receive it and the fish is caught on demand – it is not possible to have products any fresher! Also, transportation is very important. In mainland Europe, we supply every order via our own trucks as we can maintain refrigeration and we do not recommend delivery that takes longer than 48 hours. For deliveries outside of Europe key factors are local agents and styrofoam packaging – which will ensure that the goods are kept cool even if they are not in a temperature controlled environment.


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